Home Teams Have Done Shockingly Well on 2nd Night of Back-to-Backs

Over the previous few weeks, I have been looking for some trends to emerge in the early going of the year’s NHL season. One which surfaced is a one which goes against baseball pundits and most traditional wisdom . The dreaded back-to-back. Nobody wishes to play a game of hockey on successive nights and no one wants to wager on a team enjoying the second half of a back-to-back but what I am here to tell you is that maybe you need to.
Teams who have played with the second half of the back-to-backs at home this season have won an astounding 19 times from the 23 instances where these variables have fulfilled. Whenever I visit a bet that’s cashing over 80 percent of the time, it makes me do a double take. If you’d bet every home team’s moneyline which has been enjoying a second game in as many days this year, you would be laughing all of the way to the bank — based on far off your lender is.
Topically enough, there just happens to be another one of those instances tonight when the Washington Capitals host Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. This game opened with the Caps favorite but they’ve been bet down to a slight underdog at BetOnline and, personally speaking, this line has to be hammered.
Not only have these B2B teams been doing good on the moneyline, they’re also 12-11 from the spread. Now I know that’s only a bit over .500 however if you’re able to find an alternative line that supplies the Capitals a couple of goals tonight, then it might benefit you handsomely to the song of +300 or much better.
To add a bit more oddity for this contrary trend, let’s look at the OVER/UNDER record for games in which the home team is enjoying the next half of a yearlong, which is currently 15-5-3. If you’re shocked by that amount, don’t worry, you are not alone — it’s just another one.
OVERs were cashing like crazy at the beginning of the year but that trend leveled off considerably. For OVERs to be cashing at 65 percent — you’re getting your cash back in 13 percent of those games — is mind-blowing. If anybody had told me when I awakened this morning which they might provide me a total wager that’d just a 22 percent chance of losing, I would have called them a liar.
The numbers can not lie and they are telling something — wager that the OVER tonight.

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